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We love Celebrating Our Customers Success

Blue Sparrow Apps Celebrates Our Team’s Customer Service!

Did you know that by 2026, the mobile app development market is set to reach $407B dollars? With countless people, businesses, and organisations creating new apps every day, it’s no wonder the industry is growing so rapidly. 

With so much demand for mobile apps, the demand for mobile app developers is through the roof as well. Here at Blue Sparrow Apps, we work hard to set ourselves apart from the competition, to make sure our customers know we’ll deliver for them. 

Since our founding in 2015, we’ve done just that. We’ve served companies of all sizes, all over the UK. And now, we have something to show for it. 

We’ve just received our first review on Clutch! A top B2B ratings and reviews site, Clutch highlights leading providers from around the world. And now, we’re featured as well. We’ve even earned a perfect 5-star rating. 

In this engagement, we developed a mobile app for a religious organisation. Our client was impressed with our team’s creativity, flexibility, and talent, all of which led to a successful engagement. 

“It’s a clever app that’s worked very well so far. They’ve made intelligent suggestions when we’ve run into problems, helping us implement creative solutions on our budget. There were several times that they pointed out a less expensive way to approach a problem, which we appreciated.”  — Project Manager, Scottish Bible Society

We really appreciate feedback like that — it lets us know our mission to provide excellent customer service is on the right track. 

You can also find us featured on The Manifest, another platform for top B2B providers. Browse through company listings, learn more about leading businesses, and check us out! 

In the meantime, we’d love to hear from you about your latest mobile app project.

Together Let’s turn your idea into a solution!

Together Let’s turn your idea into a solution!