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Don't just take our word for it; see some in-depth reviews from our customers regarding our services and how we build mobile and web apps.


As technology evolves at lightning speed each day, mobile apps have changed many people’s lives as they made it easier for everyone to access information, social, entertainment, and businesses. Meanwhile, businesses are improving because of mobile apps that are vital means of marketing to expand their reach while delivering exposure to their brand. 

Located in Bristol, United Kingdom, Blue Sparrow Apps is an award-winning mobile app developer. We love to help our customers’ ideas into a profitable mobile app so our team strives to provide optimal solutions to our client’s needs. We are a dedicated team composed of high-caliber individuals.

When asked

When asked about what is the most impressive or unique about Blue Sparrow Apps, the client said:

Blue Sparrow is very hands-on to the point where their team feels more like colleagues than a transactional relationship. They really care about their work and bringing our vision to life.”  

— CEO, FanHub

We are happy to receive this kind of review as a testament to our quality services to the client. It fuels our team to help more clients succeed.

Apart from Clutch, we are also listed on The Manifest’s top 100 boutique app developers! The Manifest is a portfolio site where you can browse through company directories and select the best option for your needs! We are grateful to The Manifest and Clutch for showcasing our qualities in helping our clients.Looking for a reliable partner to turn your ideas into a mobile app? Contact us and let’s get started working.