How much it costs to build a mobile app

Getting an idea of the price is key to helping you plan your new project. There are essentially a million ways to code the same thing, so giving you an accurate idea of the price is tricky without a meeting. We will do our best to explain our prices below, but we recommend booking a meeting so we can provide a detailed breakdown of how much we think it would cost to build your idea.

First thing’s first:​ Good idea!

You’re doing the right thing: The average Brit has 95 apps on their phone.

The average customer spends 3 hours a day using mobile apps

Companies utilising mobile apps are 360%


Apps on peoples phones.


Hours per day spent on apps.


More valuable with an app.

What kind of app are you after?

Below are 3 examples of different apps and the rough costs of app development.

Things to consider when estimating the cost

As you have seen in the examples above, the cost of your app depends on the features. Below we will highlight some examples of features you may require. If you can understand what features you need, then you will have a better understanding for the costs of app development.

App features

Below are 6 example features that will impact the end-user. (the people using your app) Pick your features wisely, as this affects the costs of app development. Don't worry, there are a lot more than 6 features available, we can help you pick the right ones.

Back-end features

These are features that impact how well your app will work. Remove important features from this list and you will reduce the price of your project, but it will impact how well your app will feel and work.

Ongoing features

These are features that impact the ongoing price of your mobile app. It is important to understand that there is not only the upfront cost of app development, but ongoing ones as well. Depending on the app you would like to make, affects the ongoing price.