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How to promote your app for free!

So you have spent your budget on building a mobile app, how can you promote your app for free to start getting users? Today's video looks at exactly how to do it.

4 examples covered in this video:

1. Get in Touch with your ideal customers.

This isn’t scalable forever but a personal touch goes a long way for early adopters.

2. Reach Out To Influencers.

If your app solves a specific problem, there will be influencers trying to solve the same problem, and they need constant content to keep their fans happy, they may be dying to promote your solution.

3. Build landing pages.

Make sure you have built landing pages that respond to questions your customers are asking, and promote your app through these landing pages. 

4. Make sure your app listings look good.

Engaging screenshots and videos, this can steal people from your competitors.

Together let’s turn your idea into a solution!