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What do you need to do before you can build a mobile app?

Today's video looks at the 4 questions we ask our potential customers before building a mobile app. Can you answer these 4 questions?

What we cover in today's video:

1. Who will be using your app?

You need to have a target audience and know who your app is for.

2. What device will your app need to work on?

Once you know what devices your app needs to work on, it will determine what coding language your app will be built in etc.

3. What is going on behind the scenes?

Does your app need to connect to your CRM or database to work well. Will you need to connect it to 3rd party software like payment or messaging software?

4. What happens once your app is built?

How will people find your app and how will you keep users on your app?

Together let’s turn your idea into a solution!