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Why you’re getting knee pain after running and what to do about it level 1


If your runs are plagued by knee pain, you are most certainly not alone. The research is clear – the knee is one of the most common areas to experience running-related injuries.

However, despite what your non-running friends and acquaintances may claim, running is not in itself bad for your knees. Many really large scale, authoritative studies of runners show time and time again that runners actually have lower rates of knee osteo-arthritis
than non-runners, or sedentary people.

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One study even concluded that running can actually stave off the horrible condition: ‘Increasing evidence indicates that exercise training can improve pain, stiffness, joint dysfunction and muscle weakness in patients with knee osteoarthritis.’

That said, some symptoms of knee arthritis, including pain and swelling, can present during running – though equally they can also appear during day-to-day activities and there are plenty of other potential causes.

We asked sports doctor Jordan Metzl to explain four of the most common causes of sore knees after running, including what their different symptoms might be, and what you can do about them …