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why the clubhouse app is successful

How to build a contagious mobile app

By Sol Hardy

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Below are 3 tips you can steal from one of the fastest-growing apps.

Clubhouse has had huge success.

In little less than 1 year, they have millions of downloads.

and already valued at over 1 billion, without currently making a penny.

They are obviously doing something very right. We have analysed what they are doing and picked 3 simple steps that are working well for them.

So when your client, boss or friend mentions they are looking to build a mobile app, you can use these tips to help them build something amazing.

Tip 1. Exclusivity:

The app is invite-only. Sounds counter-intuitive to not allow everyone on their app, but this social trigger plays havoc on the human psyche, causing people to want to be apart of this made-up club.

And when they’re in the club, oh boy will they mention it to everyone they know. That’s free, contagious marketing.

Tip 2. Content creators:

The Clubhouse app is pretty basic. It’s a simple interface that allows you to follow people and listen to them talk. This isn’t world-changing tech.

Instead, they have created a platform where world-changing people want to communicate. This creates an ever new experience for the user. As developers/business owners, they don’t need to keep coming up with fresh content, because they’ve created a platform where people run their app for them.

Tip 3. Push notifications:

It’s so simple you will pinch yourself. Not once will Clubhouse mention themselves in a push notification. It is never about them. Instead, they simply notify you when someone you follow is talking on the app. This gives the user value every time they are notified.

These 3 tips have created an app people can’t stop talking about, with fresh up to date content, that keeps people coming back onto their app regularly.

Use these tips and watch your clients, boss or friends app flourish.

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