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We were delighted to win Bristol City Council‘s API Challenge Event at the Watershed in Bristol on Saturday. The day was a chance to use the council’s new Transport API which gives access to bus, train and car data for the south west. A host of app developers from around the region attended the sold-out event and spent the day building innovative apps to solve transport challenges.

The API has been built by London-based Urban Things, who have done a great job at turning a complex data set into a powerful yet elegant API. It was really exciting to see so many great app ideas being built during the day, drawing upon the rich data available.

We spent the day prototyping an app to help parents explore Bristol with their kids. Our app displays a list of destinations and then offers transport options on how to get there. Once you’ve chosen a route it shows you other interesting places that are on your route, allowing you to stop off on the way.

Bristol API transport app

Thanks to the council’s Connecting Bristol team for putting on the event, and to all the other developers for the great coding buzz during the day!

Here’s Connecting Bristol’s write up.


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