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How to build a mobile app

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Building an app requires long term relationships. We help our customers to achieve their goals, they help us to stay sharp.

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Build the right app

Why our customers apps work

Great mobile apps are a joy to use, but poorly executed, can be frustrating. We're passionate about creating great user experiences, with well engineered apps that can be updated and augmented in the future.

We love writing apps for Apple, Android and Windows devices. To write individual code for each platform can be expensive. To save you money we can share code across platforms (our favourite is Xamarin). That means that once we’ve built your app for one platform, we can easily build it for the other platforms.

It’s possible that we’ve already written part of your app! We have a library of common functionality that we’ve built up over time. This can speed up development and save you money.

We have a background in complex software based around large infrastructures. If you need an app to connect to complex, secure infrastructures and web services, we can help.

Being small means that we can be flexible. If you want a project quickly, or want us to work with your existing development team and pass on knowledge, we can accommodate that.

What app do you need?

You deserve a great app. Below are the types of mobile apps we have previously built for UK businesses, don’t worry if your idea isn’t on this list, we love building brand new ideas as well.

Custom Mobile App

A mobile app fully customised to your business or organisations needs.

Ecommerce App

A mobile app developed to turn your online shop into a native mobile app.

Employee App

Improve engagement and reward/wow your employees with a mobile app.

Religious App

Improve your church or religious organisation's engagement with a branded mobile app.

Business Workflow App

Turn ineffective tasks into an automated machine, saving you time and money.

Augmented Reality App

Enhance the real world with your very own augmented reality (AR) mobile app.

Ready to start building?
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Click the button

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Step 2
Schedule a meeting

It’s impossible to quote an app without a chat, book a meeting, we’ll listen to your ideas plus give you expert advice on turning your idea into a viral mobile app.

Step 3
We create a plan

Give us a few days to create a detailed plan, you’ll end up with an idea of the price, timescales and your best route to market to build a viral app.