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5 essential software tools for running
your business from home

in a time of uncertainty, these 5 tools
will help give your business clarity

1. Shared drive
Store all your documents in one place for easy access and remote collaboration.
The 3 products listed provide good levels of security when you are sharing files.
2. Messaging software
Make sure your team are communicating!  These 3 tools allow team members to be part of different conversation threads. This keeps conversations from getting mixed up and avoids long, inefficient email chains.
3. video chat
Sometimes it's just quicker to chat.
Skype and Zoom both provide great functionality for video group meetings. Looking for a way to make your sales stand out? Bonjoro gives you an innovative way to connect with your customers.
4. Measure tasks
/ todo lists
Being remote means that sometimes things can get forgotten. These 3 tools help you keep track of your projects, and allow your team to record how they're getting on.
5. Shared Calendar
Make sure your team know when things are happening with a shared calendar. Here are 3 examples of shared calendars.

All of these tools are great starting place.

However we understand that tech can sometimes be frustrating.
If you need some more specific advice,
we offer a completely free 30-minute call.
Where we listen to which tech you are currently using and come up
with some solutions for you in this time of uncertainty.