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Technology waits for no man apparently, so as we hit 2015 here are 3 trends to look out for in the App-sphere


This one’s been coming for a while. Google have been cautiously showing off their Google Glass glasses for a while but it’s seemed to cause more anger than joy. However, with the arrival of Apple on the scene with their new watch, things seem to have finally kicked off. Wearable devices bring with them a whole new range of potential apps to mesh more seamlessly with your life than carrying around a more cumbersome phone. T-shirt SatNav anyone?



This is where the wearable tech can start to flex it’s muscles a bit. If you’re wearing a device, it can keep track of your vital statistics for you, building up a complex picture of your physiology throughout the day. Apple’s watch, for example, contains sensors to indicate how active you’ve been and a heart-rate monitor. We’re sure to see a slew of apps allowing you to monitor your fitness in a whole new way.



Our 4 wheeled seeds always seem to be a bit behind with adopting technology, but car makers are very excited at the moment about device connectivity. Allowing users to control aspects of the car from their devices (unlock your car with your watch?) allows drivers to use their cars in a more customisable way, and means that once the car leaves the showroom it can keep on adapting to new technology changes.


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